5 ways to uninstall Windows Search

First, make sure the version you installed:
Click Search in the toolbar, then the right window will open Windows Search, if the upper left corner says: “Windows Desktop Search” then it is the third version. “Windows Search”, is the fourth version.

Add \ Remove Programs delete method:
Start – Control Panel – Add or Remove – Add \ Remove Programs, click the “Show Updates” and then locate the Windows Desktop Search file, delete it.

Run command to delete it:
“Start” – “Run” – Enter “% systemroot% \ $ NtUninstallKB940157 $ \ spuninst \ spuninst.exe” delete, this way is to start the uninstall program to remove Windows Search. (If an error is reported, then keep reading this article, use the following methods)

Registry delete method:
Enter the registry, Start> Run> type “Regedit”, open the registry editor, use the “Edit” Finder queries to locate “windows search” on the menu bar. Or check the path is also OK enter HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Uninstall to locate, and then open the Uninstall, find Windows Search, look to the right of the box there is a UninstallString key, click twice, and then copy the data inside of UninstallString to the computer’s start> run> OK.

Use software to delete:
Actually it’s the most convenient way to remove Windows Search.
Open the uninstaller tool, click step by step in accordance with the tips to find Windows Search in the installed software, click”analysis, then “Uninstall”, of course, we can also uninstall the Windows Search by other management programs.

Reinstall the uninstaller package:
If the above methods not work, that is because your files are missing so that Windows Search can not be deleted, because the incorrect deletion, resulting uninstall file is unavailable, then the best solution is to re-download an uninstall package, you can download uninstall packages by searching key word yourself. Downloading and unzipping the uninstall package to C: \ Windows, then click Start – Run – type “% systemroot% \ $ NtUninstallKB940157 $ \ spuninst \ spuninst.exe, run, OK.

To protect your computer the efficient way, you had better scan your downloaded items by using an up-to-date virus scanner/ protection, in the meantime, browse the Web and read some ratings and reviews by REAL people or editor; 3rdly, try testing your application on a VM based device.

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