Adjusting your computer to the best state


Have you ever thought your computer is always a beat slower than others every morning when you turn on the machine? In fact, we can totally optimize the computer by all means, and drive our computers in full speed!

1. Preferentially boot from the hard disk:
A lot of people ignore the computer’s boot device order, there are also a lot of people default to boot from the drive, so the CD-ROM drive will delay your boot time. And there is no benefit for CD-ROM’s life. Therefore, we need to turn it off.
Press the Del key to enter the BIOS setup, select BIOS Features Setup menu, and then press the Enter key to enter the parameter setting options interface, find and select the option Boot Sequence in this interface, then press Page Down keys or the Page Up key, Select CDROM, C, A, preferentially boot from the C drive, press Esc to return the last connection to the root menu and select save menu or press the F10 key to save the settings.

If you are using Phoneix BIOS, then press the F2 key at boot, enter the BIOS settings, select the Boot Options, and then find HardDrive items, continuously press the “+” key to ensure that the machine can be transferred to boot from the hard disk.
2. Enable Quick Boot:
There is a Quick Boot entry under “Advanced BIOS Features (BIOS Advanced Options)” in most computer BIOS, set it as Enable, so every time you start the BIOS will not detect the hardware, thus you can greatly speed up system boot speed.
3. “Accordingly” weight losing the programs:
The current hard disk is almost hundreds of GB which should be big enough. But, software vendors led by Microsoft did not sympathize with our memory. A system installation takes almost 2GB of space, a full installation of Office 2003 also at least takes 800 MB, so if you too easy with those software installations, your space is running off. However, in our system there are a lot of junks, cleaning these space-wasting and useless software from now on and refreshing the system.

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