Do you know yourself?


“M” is for miracle – the miracle of self-knowledge. Here’s the checklist to get you from “don’t really know myself” to “know yourself like the back of my hand.”

  • Mirrors – what do you look like?
  • Maximum capability – what are you best at?
  • Mentors – to bring out your best.
  • Manage your ego – less “me” more listening.
  • Marshall your strengths, achievements and self-beliefs.
  • Must not dos – eliminate the stuff that lets you down.
  • Many points of view – see how others see you.
  • Memorials –what you want them to say about you.

Things to think about

  • Really acute self-knowledge gives you an unfair advantage in life.
  • But acute self-knowledge is unusual. Most of us regard our bodies, and the most amazing computers that exist, our brains, as things to be taken for granted.
  • Imagine you were given a Lamborghini Mura and access to a hugely powerful computer.
  • Now give yourself the curiosity to work out how to operate both and the ability to drive safely – and you are in a very powerful position.
  • In your own way you are that car, you are that star computer. All you need now is to know it and go for it.
  • Know yourself.
  • Accentuate the positive you.
  • Eliminate the negative you.
  • Amaze yourself.

To be told “you really look as though you know where you are going” is high praise

Having a real sense of direction is very important. Too many people lose their way in their careers; no idea where they’re going; no route map; no compass. No idea where they want to go – stuff just happens to them. But if you do know where you’re going, your chances of actually getting there are hugely enhanced. Although nothing in life is ever that certain.

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