Enjoy Our World as a Big and Beautiful Place


When you think global (because we are all global and we are all beginning to feel it now) it’s hard not to be inspired by the sheer electricity of life, its color, and its diversity. And when an economic blip happens in China, say, then an economic hurricane develops all over the world. There really is no hiding place any more. Not even the poor old Cayman Islands. Two-thirds of the world’s population live in Asia and “Chindia” – as the combined might of India and China is called by the Economist magazine – and it’s making all the running amongst the growth economies.

Why being learning fanatic earns you more money

Employers pay for skills. MBA earn more, graduates earn more, people who go to management courses earn more.
Whatever your job, be it marketing, HR, finance or whatever, ask yourself if you are up to speed with the latest developments or theories in the field. If you are, you’ll enhance your employability.
Are you spending enough time listening to bright people who are expert in their subjects-at conferences, at lectures or in meetings? Are you reading the key magazines in your field and a variety of business books? Have you thought of getting new qualifications? An MBA may seem a daunting thought but consider it. If you can’t do it any other way, do it through an online university.
Fill your brain with new stuff on the key areas of concern that impact on any business.

Starting to think like a “learner”

Here are a few examples of the things that influence and shape modern business lives. We all need to learn from them if we are to be perceived as good material by the puppet masters who promote people in companies or ensure they are spared in a round of redundancies.
The chances of improving our ability to contribute at our place of work grow the more we know.

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