Google or fined $ 6,000,000,000 by the EU due to monopoly

gg EU

On the last Tuesday, the outgoing members of the European Commission Competition Commission warned that, antitrust dispute between Google and the European Commission or will exacerbate, the number of fines Google faced may exceed the Microsoft’s 1.7 billion euros.

EC Competition Commissioner Joaquín Almunia dramaticly change his stance, he said to the European Parliament that unless Google change the proposed settlement of complaints, otherwise, Google will receive a “statement of objections” If so, Google will face fines of about $ 6 billion, equivalent to 10% of the company’s total global revenues.

Almunia said to the European Parliament, “the European Commission processed surveys for 16 years on Microsoft’s monopoly, which is equivalent to four times the Google investigation, and, compared to Microsoft, Google exists more problems. ”

Almunia This word is contrary to his statement before this summer. At the time, he was ready to accept the third proposed antitrust settlement of Google. Almunia officially began on Google antitrust investigation in 2010 11. Google’s competitors, including Microsoft, was all delighted for the change of Almunia.

Google controls more than 90% market share in European online search market, far exceeds its own proportional share of the online search market in the United States market. Almunia said Google is intend to accept the proposed settlement, but the French and German politicians, lobby groups that other committee members have publicly expressed their opposition to accept third reconciliation intention Google then fell apart.

However, Almunia said to the European Parliament, the reason he changed his stance is that there has been a settlement new factual evidence of proposal on Google impacts of its competitors appeared.

In response, Google spokesman Al Verney responded that “we will continue to cooperate with the European Commission to address their concerns.”

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