Help resolve the PC Performer uninstall issue…

Can a person totally remove PC Performer? You may get PC Performer when you download for a Fingerprint-Driver by mistake. PC Performer works and starts within the background. Since it is bad enough and you can’ t find it within his program-list (start – program after which it all programs) and also you cannot find it in the particular system-list to uninstall. People don’ t want to utilize this program any additional, you have tried all ways to delete it but, it says that it is running and has to get closed first. However, a person can’ t also erase it.

What is usually PC Performer?

Despite the point that PC Performer is a convenient application created to enable user search as well as download media files which will be useful for computer novice and for expert. On the other hand, it might cause annoying problems for a computer as it is hard to prevent. So, the only solution to solve the problem and make your pc run smoothly is to be able to uninstall and remove PC Performer from a computer.

How Can you Uninstall PC Performer with the common uninstaller through Windows

  1. Go to be able to “ Start” and then click “ Control Panel”.
  2. Click “ Uninstall some sort of program” under “ Programs” image.
  3. Click on “ Plans and Features” and scroll down this software list.
    Locate PC Performer after which it click “ Uninstall” to begin the removal.
  4. Follow the particular on-screen steps to uninstall PC Performer.

By following the above steps, you really should have uninstalled PC Performer. In scenario your hard drive has been locked up to stop the removal, you still need to manually remove the locations registry entries and related files all on your own, which means that this removal is incomplete and also you would have run in to the risk to mess up your pc. In other words, you need to find an uninstaller program that may be able and specifically created to remove PC Performer no matter it’s corrupted or not.

To have the computer hard generate unlocked or stop the PC Performer running within the back ground, you would like to enter the safe mode by pressing F8 when you are starting your computer to help you uninstall PC Performer there with a professional uninstaller. By today, the recommended uninstaller has become removing numerous and excess software like Rapid Antivirus or maybe corrupted programs for users around the world.

How Can People Force Uninstall PC Performer with An Uninstaller

  1. Right click the directory of PC Performer, C: \Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\PC Performer2, (as default setting) to select ” Force Uninstall using PU” to start the removal.
  2. Follow the on screen steps to finish the removal.
  3. Reboot computer and repeat the Force Uninstall process untill all the directories of PC Performer are completely uninstalled from a computer.

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