How to Customize Your WordPress Website?

Every website owner is willing to upgrade every aspect of their website within a short time. They have decided to use the first-class resources and advanced technologies as efficient as possible. They are keen to use easy to follow suggestions for customizing their WordPress website without any complexity.  You may be a beginner to the WordPress and seek the complete opportunities for the customization of the WordPress website.

WordPress is the most successful open source website creation tool in online. This tool in online is written in PHP. Every user of this renowned tool these days gets loads of benefits from blogging and website content management system. They are happy and confident to suggest this tool in online to their friends.

CSS Hero

CSS Hero is the most excellent option in our time for everyone who likes to make visual editing as extraordinary as possible.  Designers and non-designers these days successfully use this tool and fulfil their expectations on the easiest way to excel in the customization of the WordPress website. They get more than expected favourable things from this tool that is similar to professional Photoshop tool in different aspects. They use sliders and adjust the following as convenient as possible.

  • Font sizes
  • Sharpness of corners
  • Margins
  • Padding
  • Colour palette

CSS gurus and veteran designers these days use and recommend this real-time yet user-friendly interface of the CSS Hero. They make sure about how this tool supports all users to customize an array of aspects of the WordPress site.

Content Management Dashboard

Dashboard is the admin panel of the WordPress engine. Once you have accessed this admin panel by adding wp-login.php to the URL of your site, you can begin your step to manage content and media of your site. A hassle-free method to post custom content gives more than a few benefits to everyone who owns the WordPress website. You can edit the required post among a list of posts on your site by using the Dashboard.  You feel happy to add the most relevant texts and media content in the post content window. Two editing formats available at this time are as follows.

  • Visual
  • Text

Visual mode is recommended to beginners to the WordPress site customization. Text mode is the right choice for people who have some expertise in the HTML and know how to fine tune the overall format with the HTML mark-up.  You can assign posts and add tags to categories in your site. You can also restore the previous revision of content when you accidentally saved any unwanted change.

Custom code vs plugins

Plugins play the most important role behind the ever-increasing success and satisfaction of the WordPress community. These plugins assist users to transform the website and do everything practically. Do not forget to be conscious on the total number of plugins you add to your WordPress website. This is because the number of plugins affects the load times and other aspects of the website.

As compared to using the plugin, you can add a few simple lines of code to your WordPress site and get the same effect. An easy way to add code to style.css file and enhance the overall attractiveness of the site makes every user of the WordPress customization facility satisfied.

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