How to uninstall software without uninstall option

Some software does not have uninstall option, if this is a free installation software then we can simply delete the software, but some software is installed software, there should be a corresponding value in the registry. Therefore, we must remove the program while deleting the registry, or your computer will run slower and slower. To Windows starters, please beware of another adware, fakealerts (aka, (semi-)rogueware) and/or foistware during drive-bys, sponsored installations and alike. On this way can help secure your PC the better & proactive way.

1. Note the name of software without uninstall option, we will use it later.
2. Click Start – All Programs – Accessories – Run.
3. Run dialog box pops up, we enter regedit, bring up the registry.
4. Press shortcut keys “ctrl + f” to search.
5. Enter the name of the software you just note. Display the search results.
6. Right-click this registry, export it, this step is for back up your registry in case you delete the registry wrong, if your system occur problem after deleting, you can restore the registry.
7. Export the registry to a safe location.
8. Then back to the registry, right-click Remove.
9. Then we start to remove the program. First, find the storage location of the program. Right-click the shortcut and select Properties.
10. In the initial position, you can see where the program files folder is, we choose d: / program in front of kkcapture, copy it.
11. Click on the folder on bottom left of the desktop, you can see the Explorer, enter d: / program we just copy in the address bar.
12. Locate the kkcapture folder, press delete, delete it.
13. Back to the desktop, right-click and choose Delete.

Be sure to back up your registry, otherwise if a mistake occurred, you can only revitalize your PC by reinstalling the system.

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