IMB and Apple Joining to Develop 100 Apps in One Year

People often say the most successful products are always the most boring ones. This may (not) apply to the applications developed for enterprises by IMB and Apple together. The latter belongs to part of the IBM MobileFirst for iOS solution released by both companies, according to the media information March 3.

The two companies revealed three applications therein at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) held in Barcelona, Spain. One of them is provided for airline customer services, one is for retailers, and one is for wealth managers. All the applications will run on iPads and iPhones. Apple hopes to, through these applications, stimulate more enterprises to purchase their hardware.


The first revealed by IMB is named “Passenger Care”, which is developed for flight attendants and customer services representatives. It contains information of various passengers, schedules and flights. It can also help in other cases like change of route when aircraft delay occurs.


Another called “Dynamic Buy” is developed retailers. It shows the analysis on product flow of corresponding suppliers. Other data including the top/the most unpopular products and the related revenue and profit level.

And the one called “Advisor Alerts” is made for wealth managers. It helps understand and optimize the tasks in different accounts. For example, the account managing more properties may acquire more instant services than others. This application provides information including the wealth level of customers, their duration as customers and their profit level.

IBM pointed out that the applications developed together by Apple and itself integrate on back-end systems of enterprises. The main task of IBM in this cooperation is to combine them with enterprise systems, and Apple is in charge of selling them to third parties.


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