IMB supports Swift language, competing Amazon’s cloud computing with Apple


The cooperation between IBM and Apple again made a great progress – IBM Cloud became the first cloud computing plat that supports Apple’s Swift programming language.

Swift has earned its own development space through iPhone’s application developers. And with the help of IBM, Swift will push harder to the market of enterprise users, providing IBM Cloud with a unique function that competitors like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft don’t have. 

Swift is a programming language released in 2014 by Apple, and it has gained the developers’ favor. Now there are over 10 million programmers supporting Swift, according to IBM.

“Swift’s attractions are its speed and simpleness.” Said doctor Angel Diaz, the vice president of Cloud Architecture and Technology.

In December 2015 Apple took a giant steps forward – transforming Swift into open-source language. That means any developer can download the SC (source code) of this language and improve it in their own way.

This also further increase the great popularity of Swift, helping the language reach the top of GitHub ranking list in a short time.

“I hope Swift can be the most important programming language in the coming 20 years.” Said Craig Federighi, the advanced vice president of Apple’s software project.

IBM Cloud is able to provide a complete set of tools related to Swift for the developers of enterprise applications. In the old days all the developers had to switch language for running Swift on cloud servers, and that would definitely affect their experience.

“We want them to develop Swift applications on cloud more easily.” Said Diaz.

IBM has allowed the compatible cooperation between Swift and Linux operating system. At present most data centers and large server farms in the world are using Linux. The cooperation between IBM and Apple will expand the use of Swift.

For enterprise users, Swift’s entrance to cloud means their application code can be as “elegant” as those of new established companies in Silicon Valley. In addition, with the growing popularity of Swift, there will be more and more best-of-breed programmers know and like to use this language.

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