Meeting Makes Team – Teams Make Meeting Fun


The important role of your team meetings

I’ve come across hardly anyone who doesn’t decry the amount of time they spend in meetings. Meetings become synonymous with bureaucracy to many people. But that’s unfair, because meetings can make people relate to each other.

If you work properly together and you are leading the team well then you can create the magic of having team meetings to which everyone looks forward and contributes. When that happened you will also find that the output of the meetings dramatically improves.

Teams thrive by the chemistry of interaction

Teams thrive by the chemistry of interaction and I don’t believe that one can achieve team dynamic by email or even on the phone alone. For teams to work they have to spend about 10% of their life closeted together and probably at least a further 10% in informal sessions but with physical proximity.
Teams have to look into each others’ eyes and understand each other. They have to trust each other, relax, and laugh together.
To get ahead, be assiduous in keeping up with and being very visible to all the members in your team. Become that glue that makes the team adhere.
Fight budget cuts that prevent you meeting and working with your team members. Cutting out “getting together” is like cutting out essential food when you’re on a diet.

Think of your team as if it were a brand

People love being linked to and being part of a “club.” Some of you are shaking your heads skeptically but think again… They like being exclusive which, literally, means excluding others. They want to join gangs. They want to be in certain groups. What their peers think and what they say matters. Many teams respond to all the stuff that goes with creating a great and powerful action group.

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