Remove AV Security Suite with Manual Method (Rogue Virus Removal)

AV Security Suite Basic Introduction

The term AV Security Suite is used to describe a piece of scareware or rogue security software designed by malware distributors who attempt to make hazards on a targeted machine for illegal purpose. As a matter of fact, AV Security Suite is not new for computer users, as its presence first arises in 2010. This type of rogue infection has assaulting numerous computers, especially those are using Windows operating systems, by taking advantage of updated, changeable characteristics of its own for years.


More Info About AV Security Suite

As the security research shows, AV Security Suite fake program can be always lurked onto a user’s computer through various SEO poisoning means. To be specific, AV Security Suite threat may propagate onto users’ computers as driver-by downloads by exploiting security vulnerabilities in web browsers, or PDF viewers. PC users may often notice the existence of AV Security Suite after downloading some “free” applications shared on networks. More recently, malware distributors adopt another new spreading technology to attack random PCs that is short of appropriate security protection, which refers to the pushed, infected URLs to the top of search engine results relative to recent hot issues. Upon being clicked, users may be redirected to a series of suspicious websites while the AV Security Suite scareware will be dropped and installed surreptitiously without any permission.

No matter how AV Security Suite sneak into a user’s computer, the infection will generally be loaded up automatically on every Windows boot as long as being installed successfully. After initialization, AV Security Suite will commonly perform an automated scan for victim’s computer, and then threaten PC users by showing a multitude of bogus pop-up security warning messages about computer malware or other problems. To safeguard victim’s computer against those “headaches”, AV Security Suite will mislead PC users into registering or updating its licensed version with the complete malware data base for ultimate protection. However, the truth is, AV Security Suite is only one form of Internet fraud tool created by cyber criminals to perform money extortion. Suppose that AV Security Suite cannot be uninstalled from computer timely, it may even drop and install additional threats onto compromised machine using all possible found security vulnerabilities. This will lead to further harm and unexpected loss for affected computer.

How to Remove AV Security Suite Effectively

There is no doubt that PC users should get rid of AV Security Suite scareware once being informed of its presence. However, AV Security Suite can always bypass the full detection by antivirus, and then easily invade the auto removal. It is a tricky hack tool designed by cyber criminals to against lots of standard security tools. In this case, to clean up all the components of AV Security Suite from computer, you may consider the helpful manual removal. Here is how:

1. Open Task Manager, and stop the running process of AV Security Suite. In the task manager, the infection often shows a random string of characters that end with “tssd.exe” or “shdw.exe”.


2. Click on the Start menu, and then click on “Search programs and files” box, search for and remove all the files created by AV Security Suite.

C:\Documents and Settings\<Current User>
C:\Users\<Current User>\AppData\

3. Open Registry Editor, and clean up all the registry files related to AV Security Suite.


HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System “DisableTaskMgr” = 0

4. Reboot computer to have a check again.

For more similar detailed removal instruction, you may consult the guidance here, written by Garrett Steffan, one Microsoft certified security expert.

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