’s download contains hijackware and MORE!

Always, keep the following simple yet important guidelines in mind: SCAN your download, UNTICK additional installation(s), CLEAN PUPs in time, SCAN your OS reguarly via an UP-TO-DATE Anti-Malware software + an uninstall tool PRO.

    • “By clicking ‘Accept’, you agree to (to) Groovorio‘s End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy” or “… to set and keep (Note: Additionally, the Search module was installed without knowing.) as my default search and homepage and agree to YouTube Downloader (aka, YTDownloader) Terms of use and…”



    • snipsmart software provides features which enrich your web browsing experience. …”


    • (It was no more than another variant of SerialTrunc.)
    • KNCTR is FREE premier social entertainment platform for your desktop…”



    • ZoomifyApp presents the perfect tool to simplify the web, giving your the optional way to Share, Search, Work & Play. …”


Thanks to OUTBROWSER’s WinRAR.exe (md5, a0dfa1ad22b7e86a2de8d67cdabd840e), we malware fans got these crapware!


During the installation process of Softworld Download Manager you will be offered other secondary products during installation process,
in addition to the product itself. These are only recommendations of applications that might be useful for you.
It is completely optional and you do not need to install the offers. You can choose to accept/decline the offers accordingly.
You can chose to skip over all the offers by clicking “Skip All Offers” in the first screen of the SoftWorld Download Manager, leaving only the Download Manager itself to be installed alone.
– See more at: http://softworldapp[DOT]com/learnmore.html#sthash.a3MUZ5nu.dpuf

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