Will Apple’s Health Apps reveal your privacy?

apple health

With the pace into the health sector continues to accelerating, Apple has deep into the field of health technology and full of privacy laws. More health App being launched, although those apps are beneficial to people in real-time observation of control over their own health, but there is no guarantee that these sensitive personal privacy will not be unlawful theft, is there any solution?

In Apple’s General Assembly in September 2014, Apple released three health-related data applications: The first is a smart watch, as a health tracking devices, its sensors can track pace, calories and heart rate, these technologies are ahead of other similar products. Next is a health application in the new mobile operating system in iOS8, like instrument panels, combine information about health and fitness together, such as heart rate, calorie consumption, blood sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as laboratory results and medication being used situation. Finally is the health package HealthKit, combines the latest user fitness data, it can combines user with doctors and other health care together. Health data belonging to privacy sensitive information, and Apple did not mention about the topic of the data use and protection.

Apple has said it will not make use of the data collected from the patient in diagnostic applications, although these applications are now in a regulatory gray area, and theie marketing declared that they can not be used for the diagnosis, but in fact consumers have been used them as diagnostic tools. Lawyer who specializing in medical equipment BradleyMerrill Thompson said so. “We have a significant market for consumers, but it is not strictly included in the privacy and security fields,” McGraw said.

If Apple really mean to enter the market, then it may make this market more mainstream and may further lead to some deep-seated problems.

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