Win7 system’s tool bar preview feature optimization


Being able to use the Windows 7 has become a major joy of many computer users. But yet many users are still not so familiar with this operating system. The following article describes an effective way to help you keep the high-speed of Windows 7, rest assured, it’s very simple, for all ages!

Windows 7 toolbar preview feature is a very cool feature that allows many users to use computer more handy, but for some users with lower machine configuration, this feature is not so easy to use, I have this feeling because my PC configuration is not high. But, directly turn off the toolbar preview feature always a little sad thing, anyway this is a symbol of Windows 7, but every time people like me want to use the preview feature we have to wait for a long time, really not good. So if your PC is also really not so smooth, then we can try to shorten the time to preview window, so that speed up the preview speed.

Enter “regedit” in the search bar in the Windows Start menu to open the Registry Editor, and then carefully find HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Explorer/Advance folder, right-click on the folder, select “New DWORD value” then name it as “ThumbnailLivePreviewHoverTime”.

Next, modify the value of this entry to a decimal value, because the unit of time is in milliseconds, so you are free to fill out a three-digit value, such as 200, 300 …… under normal circumstances we may modify it again at any time according to personal habits.

After the modifications are complete, close the Registry Editor, and restart the computer to take effect. Because here involves the registry modification, we recommend that users who are not familiar with the registry must be very very careful to take each step after starting to modify, or the most specialized suggestion is, back up the registry(essential!) before you do any registry modification.

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