Enjoy Our World as a Big and Beautiful Place


When you think global (because we are all global and we are all beginning to feel it now) it’s hard not to be inspired by the sheer electricity of life, its color, and its diversity. And when an economic blip happens in China, say, then an economic hurricane develops all over the world. There really is no hiding place any more. Not even the poor old Cayman Islands. Two-thirds of the world’s population live in Asia and “Chindia” – as the combined might of India and China is called by the Economist magazine – and it’s making all the running amongst the growth economies. Continue reading

Do you know yourself?


“M” is for miracle – the miracle of self-knowledge. Here’s the checklist to get you from “don’t really know myself” to “know yourself like the back of my hand.”

  • Mirrors – what do you look like?
  • Maximum capability – what are you best at?
  • Mentors – to bring out your best.
  • Manage your ego – less “me” more listening.
  • Marshall your strengths, achievements and self-beliefs.
  • Must not dos – eliminate the stuff that lets you down.
  • Many points of view – see how others see you.
  • Memorials –what you want them to say about you. Continue reading