Listening is a springboard to advancement


The real trick in advancing your career is to understand what is going on around you. Listening is the means by which you get the information. But the real trick is to decode it. “Getting it” as opposed to hearing it takes you to the next level. Good listeners are never smart alecks. The ghastly breed of “point scorers” can never be any good at “receiving” as they are always poised to make a clever quip and interject with their own, better point.
The dominance of media and the possibility of being on it, for instance being interviewed or appearing on reality TV, has persuaded a generation of people that they must be transmitters. Go against the flow. Be a good natured listener and thrive.

Be in a good mood because you’ll listen better

Geniality can really help you pay attention, however serious the subject. Bad –tempered meeting seldom establish anything other than raising stress levels. And people don’t hear each other half as well when under stress.

Don’t be rude because it distracts people

Do not whisper to your neighbor. It is bad manners, irritating, and makes people listen to you and not what’s really going on in the meeting.

Asking good questions makes the listening easier

You need to prompt people you are talking to as well so you keep them on track and get the best out of them. This is “constructive questioning”- the reverse of what you often hear from journalists on TV or radio.

Things to think about

  • We were given two ears and one mouth for a reason.
  • Could it be that listening is actually rather important? It could.
  • And “active listening,” whereby we actually hear what is being said and what is actually being meant by it, can transform your career.