PCEU Virus Remove Tips From YooSecurity Online Service

There are so many computers have been infected by PCEU Virus in last year. It is our honour today to invite the PC security experts from YooSecurity to guide you how to remove the PCEU Virus manually and safely. If your computer has been blocked by the PCEU Virus, you should read this post very carefully and follow the instructions as below to remove the PCEU Virus. You also can learn more tips about how to remove other PC threats from the YooSecurity Blog.

The full name of PCEU Virus is Police Central E-Crime Unit virus which is designed by the hacker. The only purpose of the Police Central E-Crime Unit is to steal your money. If PCEU virus enters the computer, it made some changes on the system causing the desktop to display a fake warning. It states that authorities have suspended the PC due to illegal online activities. The warning message will give you two options to pay the fine. It states that you can do it either paying through Ukash or through Paysafecard. Normally, PCEU Virus will infect your PC system sneakly when you visiting the website, downloading files and opening unknown attachments. Generally speaking, the virus has been created for a fines collecting from innocent PC users. The alert seems to be trustworthy as it is in a name of authority to trick you off. It keeps convincing you to follow the instructions of payment to complete the fine through Ukash system. If you send them the money you will never regain the fine and of course will not release your computer from the blocking. You should know that paying this so-called fine is not a solution as your money will reach computer hackers but your problem will not be solved. The only way to save your computer is to remove the PCEU Virus immediately. Don’t trust anything on the warning message from the fake Police Central E-Crime Unit.

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Using iCal with the New MobileMe Calendar

In the olden days, when you bought a MobileMe subscription and told iCal to sync with MobileMe, the events in your calendars located in iCal’s on my Mac collection would sync with MobileMe. However, Apple changed how MobileMe calendars worked and provided an upgrade process to move those synced On My Mac calendars to a new MobileMe collection in iCal. You’ve probably already received email from Apple explaining how to upgrade your iCal calendars. Continue reading

Can’t Uninstall Zillya! Antivirus – Zillya! Antivirus Uninstall Help

Cannot uninstall Zillya! Antivirus? Many people complain that they cannot uninstall it completely. In fact, Zillya! Antivirus is designed by world famous threat removal expert Antivirus. If you cannot uninstall Zillya! Antivirus instantly, we sincerely suggest you enable an awarded and ultra powerful uninstaller on your computer to help you.

There are several ways to uninstall Zillya! Antivirus and some tips to guarantee complete removal. Learn now!

Method 1 – With its built-in uninstaller

Click Start – go to All Programs – find out Zillya! Antivirus – check whether there is a uninstall option in the directory. Continue reading

Why iTunes for Syncing?

If you really want to know why you use iTunes to sync so much non music stuff, the answer has to do with history and evolution.
In the beginning, there was iTunes, which stored and played your music for you. Next came the ipod, a music-playing device, and it seemed only natural for Apple to use iTunes as the software that moved music from your computer to that device. Continue reading