4 Ways to Properly Uninstall TeamViewer on Mac

Encounter problems in uninstalling TeamViewer for Mac? Find a solution in this post.


As a remote desktop tool, TeamViewer helps users to achieve remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers. You can take several clicks to install this app on your Mac, but if you need to thoroughly uninstall TeamViewer, that’s not so easy as you install it before. Issues occur like:

  • TeamViewer cannot be dragged to the Trash as it is in use
  • Some files associated with TeamViewer are hard to be found or removed
  • TeamViewer notifications still pop up after you perform a standard uninstall

Those issues can be triggered by different causes. To avoid falling into the troubles, you are supposed to take the right approach to carry out a complete, valid uninstall. In this guide we list as more as possible options to help you achieve a satisfactory result.

Note: quit target app before uninstalling it

Typically, if the app you wan to delete is running, you cannot delete it from the Applications folder as it is in use. So don’t forget to quit the app before the uninstall.

To shut down active TeamViewer, right click its icon in Dock and choose Quit. Alternatively, you can click TeamViewer icon in the Menu Bar, and click Quit button.

Now we proceed to the standard uninstall of TeamViewer. 4 options are available:

If you’ve install TeamViewer 8 or earlier…

The previous versions of TeamViewer 8 do not have a built-in uninstaller and all you can do is to first delete the app from the Applications folder and then remove the remaining configuration files in the hidden ~Library as well as Library folder.

  1. Open up Finder, head to the Applications folder and locate TeamViewer
  2. Right click on it and choose Move to Trash (or drag the app icon into Trash in Dock and drop it there). You may be asked to enter admin password to allow the change.
  3. Click the Finder menu on the top, and choose Empty the Trash

4 Ways to Properly Uninstall TeamViewer on Mac

As TeamViewer app has gone from your Mac, you can go to check if any of its components remain. The instructions of deleting app leftovers can be found here.

If you’ve install TeamViewer 9 or later…

TeamViewer 9 or later comes with a dedicated uninstall tool to help users to handle the task in different way. The tool can be found in within the TeamViewer settings.

  1. Open TeamViewer, click the TeamViewer icon in menu bar and choose Preferences
  2. In the Advanced tab, scroll down to check the box”Also delete configuration files”
  3. Click the Uninstall button to execute the uninstallation

4 Ways to Properly Uninstall TeamViewer on Mac

If you’ve install TeamViewer via App Store…

The Mac App Store version of TeamViewer can be easily removed in Launchpad.

  1. Open up Launchpad from the Dock, and locate TeamViewer
  2. Hold down the app icon with your mouse until all the icons begin to jiggle
  3. Click the X that appears in the upper left corner of the TeamViewer icon
  4. Click Delete button in the pop-up dialog to confirm the uninstallation


If you want to uninstall TeamViewer in clicks…

No matter what version of TeamViewer or how you installed this app, a third-party uninstaller can help you easily get rid of all components of target app from your Mac.

  1. Download Osx Uninstaller, install it and then launch this tool
  2. Select TeamViewer in Osx Uninstaller interface, and click Run Analysis
  3. Click Complete Uninstall button, and click Yes to perform the uninstall

4 Ways to Properly Uninstall TeamViewer on Macer-768x581

So that’s how you can uninstall TeamViewer for Mac by different means. The first three options requires you to pay more time while the last one is automated so you don’t need to wast your time in locating the app leftovers around the system.

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