A Quick Tip to Merge All Windows in Finder


For those who just switch from Windows operating system to Mac, many features on macOS may provide more convenience for their operation (or instead, enhance difficulty for them to get familiar with the new OS :P). For instance, the ability to use tabs in Finder, which was introduced with the launch of OS X Mavericks in 2013.

You may have known how to create a new Finder tab by using the keyboard shortcut Command-T, which also works for web browsers including Safari, Firefox or Chrome. But if you have already opened a dozen of separate Finder windows, how to quickly consolidate them all into a tabbed Finder window? Read on to get the answers.

  • Make Finder the active app and Finder will appear next to Apple icon in menu bar.
  • Click Window in menu bar, and select Merge All Windows from drop-down menu.

A Quick Tip to Merge All Windows in Finder 1

The Finder command called Merge All Windows will merge all your currently open Finder windows into a single window, and you can click one of the tabs to make it active. Then how to merge all Finder windows using the quicker keystroke?

You can create a custom keyboard shortcut to execute the action more faster.

  1. Open up System Preferences from the Apple icon in menu bar.
  2. Head to the Keyboard settings, and click App Shortcuts from the left pane.
  3. Click the Plus (+) button in the right pane to bring out a new window.
  4. Choose Finder from the Application drop-down box.
  5. Type Merge All Windows in the Menu Title box.
  6. Click the blank space in the Keyboard Shortcut box, then press the key combination you want to use to activate the Merge All Windows command, and click Add button. Note
  7. that it should not conflict with an existing application or system shortcut.

A Quick Tip to Merge All Windows in Finder

The configuration make take a little more steps to complete, but once it is done, you can press this key combination to quickly achieve the integration of Finder window.

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