AVG Internet Security 2016 is now available for all Windows systems.

AVG Internet Security 2016, combined with top-level Anti-Virus engine and real-time protection, is one of the best security suites in the industry, which is capable of keeping one’s computer away from Web threats and local badware. It performs better than its previous version (* AIS 2015) on the following aspects:

AVG Internet Security 2016 - 1

  • Hugely improved cloud-powered protection
  • Much smarter behavior monitoring
  • Fully compatible w/ the latest Windows 10 OS.

As usual, with the mentioned top security engine, a regular user can easily monitor any potentially risky behaviour(s), like creating some possibly dangerous files, download process, saving unknown E-mail attachment and so on, furthermore, he or she can stop or block malware timely before it do any harm to the computer.

By default, AVG Internet Security 2016 has included an advanced firewall, a spam filter, browsing protection, the said behavior monitoring, a handy bonus, and AVG Zen also. The firewall can effectively protect the computer from any forms of network attack, ensuring that NO malware can cause damage to the computer. For common end-users, you’d better always set the real-time protection on.

It’s time to introduce Spam filter from AVG company. The Spam Filter’s main responsibility is to keep one’s inbox clean, and to keep your mailbox off E-mail spammers. You can leave the rubbish out of sight with ease. Meantime, the Browsing Protection, which would hugely reduce your malware infection risk, especially when trying to access dangerous websites — this could frequently happen if you don’t have enough understanding of cyber-attack. AVG’s behavior monitoring will keep watching any suspicious changes or actions from installed software, or from Internet projects. As for the file encryption tool, it’s almost a must-use feature, helping secure one’s confidential documents and other very sensitive stuff like password. The AVG Zen also allows a user to monitor and manage AVG installations across all the devices, easily and effectively.

Overall, AVG Internet Security 2016 is supremely easy to use and user-friendly. Its new UI allows you to take control of almost everything that’s happening on your computer, with few clicks. Get it for your own Windows operating system now.

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