How to uninstall software without uninstall option

Some software does not have uninstall option, if this is a free installation software then we can simply delete the software, but some software is installed software, there should be a corresponding value in the registry. Therefore, we must remove the program while deleting the registry, or your computer will run slower and slower. To Windows starters, please beware of another adware, fakealerts (aka, (semi-)rogueware) and/or foistware during drive-bys, sponsored installations and alike. On this way can help secure your PC the better & proactive way. Continue reading

Two instructions for your PC operation

How do I quit all other programs?

Many installation programs ask you to “quit all other programs” before you proceed with installing the new software. The reason is that installation is monitored to make uninstalling easier. Having other programs run “in the background”can disturb this process. Also, because some programs require the computer to be reset after installation, if you haven’t yet saved your data, you’re out of luck.

To make sure that no other programs are running, press the Alt+Tab key. If Windows switches you to another program or window, close it. Keep pressing Alt+Tab until the only program you see is the installation program. That way, you’re assured that all other running programs have closed. (And there’s no need to close any background applications or other processes.)

How do I disable my antivirus software?

The better antivirus programs constantly monitor your computer to check for new viruses. So, whenever you install new software, the antivirus software may stand up and say “What a minute!” and prevent the installation. The only way around this problem is to temporarily disable the antivirus software.

The easiest way to disable antivirus software is locate the antivirus program’s tiny icon on the system tray. Right-click that icon and choose the Disable command from the pop-up menu. After doing so, you may proceed with installation. Remember, however, to reenable the antivirus software after installing the new program. One way to do that is to restart Windows, which most new programs require after installation anyway.

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