How Can You Uninstall VirtualBox in Only Three Steps on Mac

uninstall virtualbox on Mac

Do you believe you can uninstall VirtualBox on Mac with only three simple steps? Here’s what you should do when remove VirtualBox from Mac.

VirtualBox for Mac is the only free and easy solution that allows you to create and run virtual machines with all major operating systems. Although being free and easy to use are definite advantages, VirtualBox for Mac is not as feature-rich as the commercial competition and does not support as many operating systems.


Drag-to-trash I think most people know that I won’t introduce too much on it. You just need to drag the icon of VirtualBox into Trash in everywhere you can see, such in Dock, Launchpad or Application, or you just right click to choose Move to Trash option to finish.

Delete Leftovers from ~Library

In the next step, it will become much more complicated to finish the entire process of deleting all leftovers of VirtualBox on Mac:

  • Click on Go on the head menu, and select Go to folder…
  • Type “~/library/” in the box, and press GO
  • Double click to open Application Support folder, and delete VirtualBox associated folders and files
  • Back to the Library folder, and open Caches, clean the VirtualBox files in caches
  • Repeatedly, open Preferences in the Library, and delete VirtualBox’s files inside

Even you have found all of files in ~/Library/Caches, ~/Library/Preferences and ~/Library/Application Support, its leftovers may remain in other folders like ~/Library/Saved Application State or ~/Library/CashReporter or other unknown path, so it’s quite hard for user to wholly delete all the leftovers in unwanted app, especially some stubborn app like VirtualBox for Mac. Watch out if you have delete one with mistake, for it will cause trouble to you and your computer.


If You Choose This…

If you are not sure you could delete them once and for good, you better to choose something helpful to do all process for you. For example, an automatic uninstaller can help you do that with ease, which it is no need to operate one step by one step. It has three steps to do by the way, you won’t have to worry about that. Believe it or not, you could completely uninstall VirtualBox for Mac in these super easy steps.

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