Mac Trick: How to Create AirDrop Shortcut to Dock


If you own a Mac, iPad and iPhone, AirDrop may be your first choice to transfer files between these Apple devices. You can use AirDrop feature on your Mac to share photos, videos, documents and more with other Apple devices nearby. And if you need to use it frequently, you may consider to create an AirDrop shortcut on Mac.

Basic info: AirDrop is Apple’s proprietary peer-to-peer file transfer feature. To wirelessly share files by AirDrop requires your devices to turn on Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth. For security, AirDrop uses the TLS encryption over a direct Apple-created peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network. The transferring speed could be impressively fast.

By default, AirDrop can be accessed through the Go > AirDrop from the menu bar in Finder. Meanwhile, you can head to Finder > Preferences > Sidebar from the menu bar, and click AirDrop to display it under Favorites in the sidebar of a Finder window. Besides, in Desktop you can use the keyboard shortcut (Command – Shift – R) to open up the AirDrop window. You can also ask Siri or use Spotlight to activate this feature.

Thinking about a more quick access to AirDrop? There’s a trick to enable you to launch AirDrop straight from the Dock on your Mac. Follow the instructions below:

  • Open a Finder window, and head to Go > Go to Folder from the menu bar.
  • Copy and past the following path into the Go To The Folder box, and hit Enter:
  • Locate the AirDrop app in the Contents/Applications folder that appears.
  • Drag AirDrop icon from the folder to the Dock and put it in the desired location.


Here’s another way to add AirDrop shortcut to the Dock:

  • In the Finder window, type Finder in the search box and click This Mac.
  • Select Finder app icon, right click on it and choose Show Package Contents.
  • Locate AirDrop under Contents > Applications, and drag its icon down to the Dock.


Now the AirDrop icon stays in your Dock. Next time you want to share files from your Mac to iPhone or iPad, just click the AirDrop icon in Dock, and drag selected files to the target recipient shown in the AirDrop window. Anytime you want to remove this shortcut, just right click on it and choose Options > Rmove from Dock.

In addition, the upcoming iOS 12 and macOS Mojave bring an improved AirDrop that allows users to send saved websites and app passwords between Apple devices.

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