Microsoft Surface Studio Sold Out, Surface Studio 2 Coming?

Good news for Microsoft Surface Studio was incredibly out of stock online. It seems like Surface Studio is quite popular over the year, even with its high non-consumer price, and it has rumor that Microsoft is going to launch the second generation of Surface Studio.

Microsoft Surface Studio Sold Out

Microsoft released the first generation Surface Studio all-in-one. The device has a 28-inch screen and a resolution of more than 4K. It was incredibly stunning showing in the year of hardware update year of Microsoft.

The year 2018, could be a major hardware update for Microsoft, it might be working on the release of HoloLens, Surface tablets and Surface Phone with a great possibility, in accordance with MSPU report. Another device pushing the 2-year mark is the beautiful Surface Studio, with rumors of a new Surface Studio 2 code-named Capitola being worked on and heading to market either this year or next.

“2018 appears to be a major hardware refresh year for Microsoft, with rumours of a new HoloLens, Surface tablets and Surface Phone expected this year.”


Now, there are clues showing that the device could make an earlier than planning, because all models of the Surface Studio, from the cheapest to the most expensive, are currently sold out at the Microsoft Store.

Surface Studio has six-generation Intel core processor, a GTX 980M graphics card and 32GB RAM plus 2TB hard disk storage. The device has a screen resolution of 4500×3000 and a thickness of only 12.3mm.

Microsoft announced the last Surface Studio at a special Windows 10 event on October 2016, and I assume with a raft of new hardware expected, including the long expected and rumoured Surface Phone, it is likely Microsoft will be having another such event, likely to coincide with the release of Windows 10 Redstone 5, to announce the new devices.

Starting at $2,999 and going up to $4,199 for the highest end model no one will accuse the Surface Studio of being a bargain. Nonetheless, all three types of the biggest Surface yet are now listed as unavailable for pre-order.

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