uTorrent Being Marked by Windows Defender and others as Malware

uTorrent is a cross-platform download software, supporting the magnetic, BT and other expansion protocols, popular in the number of users in foreign countries, but the current situation is more embarrassing. For it is Flagged by Windows Defender, which is the default anti-virus app in Microsoft Windows PC, and other anti-virus apps.


If you’re a big fan of torrent downloader, then there is a very good chance that you are making use of the popular client uTorrent, and if you’re a Windows user, then you may also have noticed that Windows Defender started to show concerns surrounding the app of late.

So far, Microsoft’s Windows Defender has marked the uTorrent client as a potential threat. What’s worse, several other antivirus software are also beginning to mark the latest version of uTorrent as malware.

uTorrent has been marked as malware by anti-virus apps

Multiple users are reporting that Windows has begun to flag uTorrent as “Potentially Unwanted Software,” something that developer BitTorrent Inc says is nothing more than a false positive. However, the company has removed the suspect release from its servers at the time of writing, meaning anyone using the app should use a different release – one which Windows Defender seemingly has no issue with.

With uTorrent generally being the torrent app of choice for millions of users around the globe, the suggestion that a release is carrying more than just a torrent downloader is one that will prove troublesome to a fair few people.


Interestingly, it is not just Windows Defender that has started to complain about uTorrent either, with a number of anti-virus applications also marking the torrent client as a potential threat when picked up via a scan.

No reason found why it being flagged

By now, the Company BitTorrent has received the reports and new version of uTorrent has been dropped off from the downloader page, obviously, the official has not found out any reason why Windows Defender is blocking their product.

From now on, the blocking has nothing to do with the problem of bundled packages, BitTorrent claims that the Software conforms to Google and the Clean Software Alliance standard.

“We believe that this passive flag changed to active just hours ago with the Windows patch Tuesday update, when a small percent of users started getting an explicit block,” BitTorrent Inc told TorrentFreak.

We had three uTorrent executables being served from our site. Two were going to 95% of our users and were not part of the Windows block. The third, which was going to 5% of users, was part of the Windows block. We stopped shipping that and confirmed we are no longer seeing any blocks.

uTorrent Being Marked by Windows Defender and others as Malware

The reasons for this change are unknown, but everything points to a specific version of uTorrent has served a small number of users.

BitTorrent, owner of uTorrent, claims that this could be a potential false alarm after making sure that the version that had problems was removed. No, this new warning may mean that the attitude towards uTorrent is changing and that this software may not return to its status and may even be considered a threat.

How to uninstall it?

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