Osx Uninstaller 2024, GuessIron & ScreenFloat Released and Other App News

GuessIron: Use your phone as a ruler
Platform: Android
Keywords: ruler, measurement

I don’t know if you will occasionally encounter the need to measure the length of an object, whenever you need to take some simple measurements outside, if the requirements for the results are not very precise, then the rangefinder that comes with the phone can handle similar measurements. However, not all cell phones have rangefinders, and when faced with some relatively precise measurement scenarios, rangefinders can be a bit insufficient. GuessIron wants to help us to take accurate measurements with the help of our cell phones.
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MacRemover Review

Is your apps stopping updating or upgrading due to existing previous versions? Have your Mac been loaded with unwanted apps and useless leftovers taking up your disk space? Is your Mac running slowly due to low disk space and a lot of running apps you’re not using? MacRemover is the ultimate solution to fix all these issues completely without any hassle. In this post, we’ll be reviewing the latest version MacRemover 2024 on our MacBook Pro running the latest macOS Sonoma operating system.

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