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PlayStation VR2

Sony’s long-awaited PS VR2 is finally on sale, which is not a small number, but the enthusiasm of players to buy is still very high, I consulted the local Sony flagship store, four days after the opening of the store has sold dozens of sets, the store also did not leave the prototype, but the store’s PS specialist contributed the set of self-purchase, for players to try out the store.
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HandBrake Review

HandBrake is the open source and free video format conversion/compression to transcode compression tool. Whether you download HD movies or record videos on your phone, many times the file size is very huge. It’s a lot of trouble to save or share, so it’s necessary to always have a really good free video compression/format conversion software.

There are a lot of video processing tools available on the Internet, and many people don’t know how to choose between the free and paid ones. And among the software I’ve tried, I think Handbrake is probably the best open source free cross-platform video compression and format conversion software out there! As a universal video transcoding and compression tool, it is not only free, but also cross-platform support for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

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Best Mac Apps for Privacy 2023

The following apps are reviewed as legit and have been proven to be the best to respect user privacy.

Tor Browser
Tor Browser is a free, open source browser that helps you protect yourself from tracking, surveillance, and censorship. Tor Browser is a fast, secure, and easy-to-use browser that helps you browse the internet anonymously. It’s also a great way to protect your privacy online, as it doesn’t track your browsing history, and it doesn’t store any of your data on the server. Tor Browser is available for both desktop and mobile platforms.
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JBL Go3 Review

Go series Bluetooth speaker is JBL since the launch of the portable Bluetooth speakers in 2015, also known as “music brick”, has been updated to the third generation. I have been paying attention to this series, just because the first two generations of products look too much like bricks, really can not hook my desire to buy; wait until the appearance of the round and lovely JBL Go3 launched in 2020, is living in college dormitory I have no need to play music, but my heart has always kept the obsession of this small speaker, and this delay has been delayed until today.

The main reason for me to get the JBL Go3 now is not the tempting low price on the 10 billion subsidy, but the strange demand of “I like to listen to music in the bathroom”. The apartment I’m currently renting has a hotel-style d├ęcor with a tiny shower in the room, and I’ve tried leaving my phone on at maximum volume outside the door while I shower, but whenever the heavy glass door closes completely, the weakened sound of music is covered by the sound and reverberation of the water. To solve this problem, I just needed a small, waterproof Bluetooth speaker with good sound quality and a stable connection, and the JBL Go3 fits the bill.
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iQOO 11 Review

Because of my small hands and the fact that most of the scenes I use my phone are on the road, I have always preferred small screen phones. I switched from the Pixel 3 to the iPhone 13 mini to the iPhone SE, which was working well, but after playing games with my colleagues for a few days, my thinking has changed a bit: the saying “bigger screen devices are better” may be true when it comes to gaming. The iQOO has always been known for its gaming experience, but after using it for a while, I think the daily use experience is actually very good:.

  • The external V2 chip makes a significant improvement in daily photography compared to the previous generation.
  • A simpler design on the back of the chassis, with materials chosen to be more suitable for everyday use rather than favoring heat dissipation.
  • The new 8 Gen2 chip is more aggressive in daily performance calls, and the 2K resolution screen takes better care of usage scenarios outside of gaming.

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AYANEO 2 Review

This is the first impression when I saw the promotional image at the beginning of the year.

As a handheld controller and UMPC controller, how could I bear it? The company has been following AYANEO since before it was acquired, when it was one of the three better compact laptop brands in China. But in my hands, old games have open source handhelds, new games have Switch, and there is no shortage of consoles, and I do not want to have a handheld gaming computer that can play games. I did buy GPD Pocket and GPD win max, the latter of which could also play some games, including Total War: Three Kingdoms, which took up more than 500 hours of play time in external monitor, medium-low efficiency and windowed mode.
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UninstallService 2023 released with added removal capability for 10,000+ new apps

UninstallService is the essential app removal tool to clean up Windows and Mac apps. It is the expert-approved uninstaller that you should have, the best all-around removal capability, thorough leftover cleaner, ease of use and lifetime plans at affordable pricing. The new UninstallService 2023 is enhanced with removal capability for nearly 10,000 new apps, including some of the following apps.
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