What is LaserDisc

As audio and video technologies continue to evolve and merge, it is now easy to sit at a desk or pick up a cell phone and enjoy a theater-quality experience with ultra-high-definition images and high-fidelity surround sound. But today, in 2024, does anyone still remember or know the term LD?

LD (LaserDisc) was born in 1981 and was the same size as a regular vinyl record, hence the term ‘picture record’. But the LD was heavier than a record, weighing more than twice as much. the LD was similar to a CD on the outside, glistening, and on the inside it combined video and audio technology, the first time the two were combined at a time when optical disks didn’t exist.

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Osx Uninstaller 2024 Released and Other News

Osx Uninstaller 2024 Released

The US-based Osx Uninstaller is one of the best Mac apps offering joyful experience when using it to do the job. It can be used effectively clean up Mac apps with ease. The latest version Osx Uninstaller 2024 provides a fresh new look and a better app removal capability. If you’ve already had a valid license, you can upgrade to this latest version on OsxUninstaller.com. Or you can grab the lifetime license while it is available.

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Meta, Microsoft and Other Tech News

Meta Opens Mixed Reality System Horizon OS to Third Parties

On April 22, Meta published a blog post opening up the operating system that runs on its Meta Quest devices to third-party hardware makers, naming it Meta Horizon OS. Meta says that developers and creators will have access to the custom frameworks and tools they’ve built to create mixed reality experiences. At the same time, the Meta Quest Store app store has been renamed the Meta Horizon Store, and the Horizon social layer currently used by Meta Quest devices will be extended to the full ecosystem. Currently, ASUS ROG is developing a gaming headset based on Horizon OS, Lenovo is developing a mixed reality device for productivity, learning and entertainment, and Xbox is working with Meta on a limited version of the Meta Quest. In addition, Meta will merge the Meta Horizon Store, which is a store for established apps, with the App Lab, which is open to a wide range of developers, to create a more open app landscape. Meta will also integrate the Meta Horizon Store for established apps with the App Lab for developers to create a more open app ecosystem.
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Osx Uninstaller 2024, GuessIron & ScreenFloat Released and Other App News

GuessIron: Use your phone as a ruler
Platform: Android
Keywords: ruler, measurement

I don’t know if you will occasionally encounter the need to measure the length of an object, whenever you need to take some simple measurements outside, if the requirements for the results are not very precise, then the rangefinder that comes with the phone can handle similar measurements. However, not all cell phones have rangefinders, and when faced with some relatively precise measurement scenarios, rangefinders can be a bit insufficient. GuessIron wants to help us to take accurate measurements with the help of our cell phones.
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MacRemover Review

Is your apps stopping updating or upgrading due to existing previous versions? Have your Mac been loaded with unwanted apps and useless leftovers taking up your disk space? Is your Mac running slowly due to low disk space and a lot of running apps you’re not using? MacRemover is the ultimate solution to fix all these issues completely without any hassle. In this post, we’ll be reviewing the latest version MacRemover 2024 on our MacBook Pro running the latest macOS Sonoma operating system.

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Latest Top Games to Play

PlayStation VR2

According to YooCare, Sony’s long-awaited PS VR2 is finally on sale, which is not a small number, but the enthusiasm of players to buy is still very high, I consulted the local Sony flagship store, four days after the opening of the store has sold dozens of sets, the store also did not leave the prototype, but the store’s PS specialist contributed the set of self-purchase, for players to try out the store.
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HandBrake Review

HandBrake is the open source and free video format conversion/compression to transcode compression tool. Whether you download HD movies or record videos on your phone, many times the file size is very huge. It’s a lot of trouble to save or share, so it’s necessary to always have a really good free video compression/format conversion software.

There are a lot of video processing tools available on the Internet, and many people don’t know how to choose between the free and paid ones. And among the software I’ve tried, I think Handbrake is probably the best open source free cross-platform video compression and format conversion software out there! As a universal video transcoding and compression tool, it is not only free, but also cross-platform support for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

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