Microsoft: Do not modify the Win10 registry!

win 10
In recent weeks, there has been a technique online saying that, by modifying the Windows 10 registry, you can see the new version has not been released. Now, this method proved to be harmful without any benefit.
Microsoft’s Windows Insider Project Director Gabriel Aul pointed out on the official Twitter that if you do as what circulated on the Internet to modify the registry, then you will not get the next version. “Note, if you did that to Windows 10, it means you closed the acquisition updated features.” Continue reading

Will Apple’s Health Apps reveal your privacy?

apple health

With the pace into the health sector continues to accelerating, Apple has deep into the field of health technology and full of privacy laws. More health App being launched, although those apps are beneficial to people in real-time observation of control over their own health, but there is no guarantee that these sensitive personal privacy will not be unlawful theft, is there any solution? Continue reading

Two instructions for your PC operation

How do I quit all other programs?

Many installation programs ask you to “quit all other programs” before you proceed with installing the new software. The reason is that installation is monitored to make uninstalling easier. Having other programs run “in the background”can disturb this process. Also, because some programs require the computer to be reset after installation, if you haven’t yet saved your data, you’re out of luck.

To make sure that no other programs are running, press the Alt+Tab key. If Windows switches you to another program or window, close it. Keep pressing Alt+Tab until the only program you see is the installation program. That way, you’re assured that all other running programs have closed. (And there’s no need to close any background applications or other processes.)

How do I disable my antivirus software?

The better antivirus programs constantly monitor your computer to check for new viruses. So, whenever you install new software, the antivirus software may stand up and say “What a minute!” and prevent the installation. The only way around this problem is to temporarily disable the antivirus software.

The easiest way to disable antivirus software is locate the antivirus program’s tiny icon on the system tray. Right-click that icon and choose the Disable command from the pop-up menu. After doing so, you may proceed with installation. Remember, however, to reenable the antivirus software after installing the new program. One way to do that is to restart Windows, which most new programs require after installation anyway.

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5 evidences to convince you of Linux

You are more or less unconsciously using the Linux system every day. Linux systems may not be suitable for everyone, but there are certainly a considerable number of people are very fond of it. The following nine evidences may be able to prove that you are suitable for using Linux systems, or you’ll find it really worth a try

1. you are still using the Windows XP system, and do not intend to upgrade

You may have a lot of reasons not upgrading to the new system, such as computer is too old which can not afford to run the new system, or just because You don’t like Win7 or Win8 interface or operation, or just too lazy to spend money for this upgrade .

If You do not want to upgrade to the new Windows system, you can only choose another system. Except high-level Apple, Linux can be another good choice – Linux has always been known as fresh, stylish and safe. Alternatively you can also use some deep customized Linux-based systems, using them feels like most the with XP interface, such as Zorin OS or Lubuntu.


2. Your do not rely on any exclusive Windows platform application

Some people need to use some applications only for the Windows platform because of profession or hobby, or the same / similar functionality does not apply or dysfunctional On Linux.. But if you do not have a application need to be run on Windows, Linux is very appropriate for you. Anything you do on Windows before, Linux can now fully manage for you. For example, Photoshop and Illustrator which are essential for graphic designers, you will find GIMP and Inkscape are more powerful on Linux as alternatives .


3. You do not use any Windows-compatible only hardware and peripheral

Some hardware and peripherals are not fully supported by Linux, such as some professional external audio interface. If all your hardware work nice, you can check whether other special hardware peripherals are not fully compatible with Linux.


4. Your computer is just for Internet access

If your Internet need is much more than the reliance of Windows, then in addition to IE, all other mainstream browsers support Linux, including Firefox, Google Chrome browser and Opera. All major instant messaging or chat software also has a corresponding versions with Linux , such as Skype, etc. Twitter’s Linux dedicated client is very powerful also.


5. PC games you are playing are compatible with Linux

In the past, Linux games are a big problem, but recently the Linux game has also undergone dramatic changes. Previously Linux owned good quality games, but most are free game of independent developers, or game has been unknown on the commercialization. But today Steam platform has landed on Linux, and more and more top games are constantly being ported to Linux, Valve, a company behind Steam, has made great achievements in the game industry (famous games like Half-Life, Team Fortress, DOTA, etc.), they believe that Linux is the future of the game.