Mac Trick: How to Create AirDrop Shortcut to Dock


If you own a Mac, iPad and iPhone, AirDrop may be your first choice to transfer files between these Apple devices. You can use AirDrop feature on your Mac to share photos, videos, documents and more with other Apple devices nearby. And if you need to use it frequently, you may consider to create an AirDrop shortcut on Mac.

Basic info: AirDrop is Apple’s proprietary peer-to-peer file transfer feature. To wirelessly share files by AirDrop requires your devices to turn on Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth. For security, AirDrop uses the TLS encryption over a direct Apple-created peer-to-peer Wi-Fi network. The transferring speed could be impressively fast.

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Still Have MailBox Beta on Your Mac? Here’s How to Remove It

Mailbox used to be a popular Gmail and iCloud mail client, yet this app has been shut down by Dropbox in 2016. The Mac version is still available to download as a public beta in mainstream software download sites, like Softpedia and Softonic. If you have accidently installed Mailbox (Beta) for Mac and later found it was ‘dead’, you may go ahead to uninstall this app from your Mac. The question is: how to do it right?

How to Uninstall Mailbox (Beta) for Mac (1)

To proper uninstall a third-party app on Mac, you will need to go through these three stages: (1) quit the app if it is currently active, (2) delete it from the /Applications folder, and (3) continue to remove associated items from the hidden system directory.

Here are the detailed steps to complete a clean, thorough removal of Mailbox:

  • Click Finder icon in Dock to open up a Finder window
  • Click Applications from the sidebar to access to this folder
  • Locate Mailbox, and drag it into the Trash in Dock. Alternative, you can right click on this app and choose Move to Trash (or choose Move to Trash under File menu).

How to Uninstall Mailbox (Beta) for Mac (2)

  • Choose Finder > Empty Trash from the menu bar. To avoid the risk of deleting other useful items, you can head to the Trash and individually delete Mailbox over there.

How to Uninstall Mailbox (Beta) for Mac (3)

How to Uninstall Mailbox (Beta) for Mac (4)

Tip: If you cannot move an item to the Trash or cannot empty the Trash on your Mac, make sure to first quit related app or process that is using the item. If that still not work, try to reboot your Mac to kill the background processes, or reboot your Mac into Safe Mode to prevent related login item from opening automatically. To enter into Safe Mode, press and hold the Shift key when your Mac is starting up. After the deletion or emptying Trash, restart your Mac normally to exist out of the Safe Mode.

So far Mailbox (Beta) for Mac should have been gone from your Mac. You can end up the uninstallation in this stage, but if you wish to clean up other items created by this app which are scattered around your system directory, go ahead with the next stage:

  • In a Finder window, click Go > Go to Folder from the menu bar
  • Type ~/Library in the box and hit Enter to open up the folder

How to Uninstall Mailbox (Beta) for Mac (5)

How to Uninstall Mailbox (Beta) for Mac (6)

  • Click Search on the upper corner of the window, type Mailbox in the search bar
  • Select the items whose names contains the keyword, and move them to the Trash.

How to Uninstall Mailbox (Beta) for Mac (7)

How to Uninstall Mailbox (Beta) for Mac (8)

How to Uninstall Mailbox (Beta) for Mac (9)

Note: Those app-related files and folders usually don’t occupy too much disk space on your Mac, and it has no much harm to leave them where they are. This stage is recommended to those who have the need or ability to wipe out all app components. To avoid any risk in this stage, make sure to only delete the items pertaining to the target app, and don’t rush to empty the Trash yet. You can use your Mac for a couple days, and if any problem occurs, you can still put back related items from the Trash.

That’s how you can correctly uninstall unwanted, incompatible, problematic or stubborn apps from your Mac. If you want to uninstall other Dropbox products, refer to the steps in this post to complete a thorough deletion of target app as well as all its related items.

Microsoft to End Support for Skype 7 after September 1st


Last Monday Microsoft published a page in its Skype blog to encourage all users to upgrade to the redesigned Skype 8.0 or above for desktop, and meanwhile announced that Skype 7 (Skype classic) and earlier versions would stop working within weeks.

“We are encouraging everyone to upgrade now to avoid any inconvenience as only Skype version 8.0 will work after September 1, 2018. As we roll out improvements, there comes a time when we must shut down older services and application versions. This is done to ensure that all customers have the best possible Skype experience, and that there are no quality or reliability issues resulting from old technology and new technology interoperating.”

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Got Trouble to Remove CyberLink? Look at Here!

You might be involved this trouble when try to remove CyberLink products from Windows PC:

How to uninstall CyberLink?
I uninstalled HP mediasmart webcam and installed CyberLink YouCam because I didn’t know of HP mediasmarts existence, but now I can’t uninstall CyberLink YouCam. Every time I try to uninstall, the install shield wizard quits automatically at the beginning.”

“Samsung R580, Intel i3 @2.4Ghz, 4G Ram, Win 7 Home Premium, AVG free 2013.
Q: I keep reading that Cyberlink is malware or a virus. Further, that it is a nightmare to uninstall.
Could anyone shed some light on this suite of programs?
Any Help?”

Got Trouble to Remove CyberLink?

More people met these problems then remove CyberLink:

  • CyberLink does not appear in the program list of Add/Remove Programs
  • The uninstaller of Po CyberLink cannot completely remove all associated files
  • There is some software that is not compatible with CyberLink

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Microsoft Surface Studio Sold Out, Surface Studio 2 Coming?

Good news for Microsoft Surface Studio was incredibly out of stock online. It seems like Surface Studio is quite popular over the year, even with its high non-consumer price, and it has rumor that Microsoft is going to launch the second generation of Surface Studio.

Microsoft Surface Studio Sold Out

Microsoft released the first generation Surface Studio all-in-one. The device has a 28-inch screen and a resolution of more than 4K. It was incredibly stunning showing in the year of hardware update year of Microsoft.

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MacRemover Review and False Positive (Malwarebytes)


When you are searching for an uninstall tool for your Mac, what software would come first to your mind? There are so many similar products designed for Mac app removal. If you are lost in finding the most suitable uninstaller in the market, we suggest you to take a brief look at this review on MacRemover.

What is MacRemover? It is an easy-to-use yet high-efficiency utility that can help you remove any unwanted applications from Mac operating system. The installation file is only 5.6 MB, and the current version (3.8) supports Mac OS X 10.9 and later. More infomation about MacRemover can be found here.

In our test, MacRemover takes three simple to complete the app removal process:

  • (1)run MacRemover from the Launchpad, Applications folder or Spotlight
  • (2)select target app in the interface, and click Run Analysis button to start.
  • (3)click Complete Uninstall button, and click Yes in the pop-up dialog.

mac remover

After a few seconds you will be informed that the target app has been successfully removed. That’s how this tool works to delete apps for you. Compared with the manual removal of Mac apps, using a professional tool like MacRemover definitely saves much time and avoid unnecessary hassles, especially for Mac beginners.

Then what if MacRemover fails to remove a problematic, stubborn or malicious app? After all, there exist no a tool that can handle all problems. But don’t worry. Most problems can be solved under manual interfere. MacRemover is a paid software, and it provides 24-hour manual service. If you purchase for this product, you will get the technical support at any time when you need. We have tested the response time by sending an email to the official email address, and the reply comes back quite soon.

Generally speaking, MacRemover’s expert team can solve most issues you may encounter, but what if that kind of support services still cannot satisfy you? Well, MacRemover also provides 60 day money-back guarantee for all orders. Within the valid period, you can ask for a full refund if your problem cannot be solved perfectly by the tool or even the tech support team.

In this post we review the uninstall process and main features of MacRemover, its online support services, and the purchase policy it offers. In short, MacRemover is an user-friendly, hassle-free and reputable solution recommended for all-level Mac users who wish to achieve effective removal of unneeded apps.

Update: after publishing this review, we receive some feedback mentioning the False Positive about MacRemover made by some Malwarebytes security products, and that the uninstaller cannot run normally if users install Malwarebytes on their Macs.


False positive is commonly used in cybersecurity to denote that a file or setting has been flagged as malicious when it’s not. The false report may be based on behavioral analysis, as the legitimate file/app may shows behavior that is usually considered malicious. To explore this issue further, we contact the vendors of MacRemover and Malwarebytes. MacRemover replies that it is working positively to communicate with Malwarebytes, hoping to clarify the false negative report as soon as possible.

Considering that Malwarebytes may block legitimate apps occasionally, and that the auto-quarantine feature of Malwarebytes Protection Module may cause problems with False Positive, we may suggest those affected users to add MacRemover to the Ignore list of Malwarebytes, before Malwarebytes fixes this in their next update. Then how to stop Malwarebytes from blocking or scanning a file or app that you trust? Malwarebytes gives out the detailed steps in its support page:


  1. Open up Malwarebytes product installed on your Mac.
  2. Click the Ignore List tab, and click Add button.
  3. Navigate to the Applications folder, select MacRemover, and click OK button.


Meanwhile, if you are notified a detection warming about MacRemover, you can click Ignore button to put this tool into the Malwarebytes software’s exclusion system. Not so hard to finish, right?

How Should I Uninstall / Remove Opera Stable on PC? Help!

Get trouble to uninstall Opera Stable browser in Windows? What kind of problems you have to remove it? Wanting to find a proper way to solve it, there you go.

Opera Stable is a legitimate internet browser compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile devices, and tablets. Opera Stable is not considered malicious, but it may cause several issues on the computer system and the internet browser, as well as promote questionable search results and webpages. Opera Stable is often promoted by third-parties and can install alongside ad-supported programs and malware. This can cause various issues for computer users.


Here are some reasons why people want to get rid of it:

  • Opera not work well on my computer;
  • It runs slowly;
  • Opera causing too many popups;
  • It might causes malware on computer.

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EU suspends approval of Apple’s purchase of Shazam


Apple wishes to combine Apple Music and Shazam’s music recognition technology to provide better streaming services, but its plan was obstructed by Europe Union (EU).

The European Commission has launched an in-depth investigation into Apple’s acquisition of the music recognition service Shazam, after multiple countries (including Austria, France, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Spain and Sweden.) requested EC in February to assess the acquisition to determine whether it’s allowed under a European Union merger law. The investigate deadline is set to September 4th.

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Take Correct Steps to Uninstall McAfee for Mac

Have no idea how to fully uninstall McAfee from your Mac? Try the regular method to delete the app but the icon remains on the Menu Bar? Failed to re-install McAfee due to previous incomplete uninstall? If you are stuck in these uninstall troubles, read through this tutorial to see if the solutions help solve your issues.


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uTorrent Being Marked by Windows Defender and others as Malware

uTorrent is a cross-platform download software, supporting the magnetic, BT and other expansion protocols, popular in the number of users in foreign countries, but the current situation is more embarrassing. For it is Flagged by Windows Defender, which is the default anti-virus app in Microsoft Windows PC, and other anti-virus apps.


If you’re a big fan of torrent downloader, then there is a very good chance that you are making use of the popular client uTorrent, and if you’re a Windows user, then you may also have noticed that Windows Defender started to show concerns surrounding the app of late.

So far, Microsoft’s Windows Defender has marked the uTorrent client as a potential threat. What’s worse, several other antivirus software are also beginning to mark the latest version of uTorrent as malware.

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