AYANEO 2 Review

This is the first impression when I saw the promotional image at the beginning of the year.

As a handheld controller and UMPC controller, how could I bear it? The company has been following AYANEO since before it was acquired, when it was one of the three better compact laptop brands in China. But in my hands, old games have open source handhelds, new games have Switch, and there is no shortage of consoles, and I do not want to have a handheld gaming computer that can play games. I did buy GPD Pocket and GPD win max, the latter of which could also play some games, including Total War: Three Kingdoms, which took up more than 500 hours of play time in external monitor, medium-low efficiency and windowed mode.

After that, AYANEO came out with several models, and finally the AYANEO 2 was planted. As I said in my first impression above, it’s either black or white, and no other fancy models can impress me. Finally received after six months of booking, accessories are quite a lot.

The feeling out of the box is that the workmanship is quite good and the grip is very good. The system Windows 11, like Steam, XGP, Epic and other platforms on a large number of games can play, not to mention. I spent a day installing games, emulators and 2D games not to mention the AMD 6800U, which is child’s play. To briefly test a few of the big titles (with the highest power consumption of 22W in game mode).

Do not use the perspective of a desktop or ordinary laptop to look at Windows handheld gaming computer, there will be a difference in comparison, should have a reasonable expectation of visual effects and operating experience, be prepared to spend more time on the game configuration debugging psychological;.
AYANEO 2 can score 80 points (the temperature of the body is not high and the sound of the fan can always be felt).

The layout of the buttons on both sides of the handle is still too compact, especially when you want to press the X A keys at the same time, the right thumb will definitely be blocked by the right stick, causing inconvenience (should be mostly fighting and platform action games have this operation).

AYASpace is a good idea, both as an official game management library, but also to load small programs, fast control system, but there are many problems. For example, the interface UI still feels relatively rough; for example, from FIFA 2022, the game becomes window mode, the control bar will be a large part of the evoked; and then for example, the use of the tutorial is really a mystery, make half a day do not know how to call out the applet to display the frame rate;.

Pay special attention to power management, AYASpace can control power consumption, if you switch to the lowest power consumption, and then shut down, the next boot time will be longer, even the basic system operations will be slower.

Two joystick rotation feeling soft, the debugging of acceleration also needs to be improved. The experience of fighting/sports/racing/action games is great, but it is difficult to do micro-manipulation aiming when shooting games.

When playing games at night and turning down the system volume, the motor vibration sound of the handle will be more obvious and even a bit abrupt.

It is strange how long the charge can only reach 98%; it is always on high power consumption to play games with high effect, and it feels like it can only last for an hour or so, so it is better to plug it in or hang a rechargeable battery to be safer.

Handle and custom buttons at the system level used quite smoothly, the left stick mouse right stick scrolling screen, the default LC key directly call out the virtual keyboard, after getting used to simple web browsing and file management is not inconvenient.

I can lie under the blanket, while reaching out to play games and warming my hands, which is really one of the happier things I bought this year (even happier than upgrading my phone to iPhone 14 Pro Max).