JBL Go3 Review

Go series Bluetooth speaker is JBL since the launch of the portable Bluetooth speakers in 2015, also known as “music brick”, has been updated to the third generation. I have been paying attention to this series, just because the first two generations of products look too much like bricks, really can not hook my desire to buy; wait until the appearance of the round and lovely JBL Go3 launched in 2020, is living in college dormitory I have no need to play music, but my heart has always kept the obsession of this small speaker, and this delay has been delayed until today.

The main reason for me to get the JBL Go3 now is not the tempting low price on the 10 billion subsidy, but the strange demand of “I like to listen to music in the bathroom”. The apartment I’m currently renting has a hotel-style d├ęcor with a tiny shower in the room, and I’ve tried leaving my phone on at maximum volume outside the door while I shower, but whenever the heavy glass door closes completely, the weakened sound of music is covered by the sound and reverberation of the water. To solve this problem, I just needed a small, waterproof Bluetooth speaker with good sound quality and a stable connection, and the JBL Go3 fits the bill.

Compared to the sandwich structure of “fabric-plastic-fabric” of the previous two generations, the JBL Go3 basically achieves full coverage of the body of the fabric material, while the logo, buttons, interfaces on both sides, switches and anti-slip pads on the bottom are made of silicone, the stitching between the two seems to be just right, not only retaining a strong sense of unity, but also not looking very “plain” at a glance. The JBL Go3 supports IP67 level of water and dust resistance, although the woven surface does not look waterproof and may even absorb water, but in my use, the fine woven material can well isolate the splashed water droplets, and after using the water can basically restore dry.

Sound quality, I can only say that this small speaker withstand its size should not bear the tuning style and volume. For me, the style of JBL Go3 is to “move the next”, although the performance of vocals and instruments is not bad, but as long as the low frequency is given enough, it will be like an engine rumbling. Although I don’t like this “push-back” style of tuning, I was surprised by the stability of the JBL Go3 when connected to Bluetooth, and finally decided to keep it: I would put my phone on the bed before going to bed to charge it, and there was a bedroom, a closet, a load-bearing wall and a glass door between the speaker and the phone in the bathroom, and the JBL Go3 could still play music smoothly at that time, which was the most satisfying thing for me.

Overall, the JBL Go3 is a loveable gadget and by far the best portable Bluetooth speaker I’ve ever bought. However, although the JBL Go3 has the ability to be waterproof and dustproof, its fabric surface is still difficult to clean after getting dirty, so if you have a need for outdoor use, it’s best to think about your use scenario before you consider getting it.