UninstallService 2023 released with added removal capability for 10,000+ new apps

UninstallService is the essential app removal tool to clean up Windows and Mac apps. It is the expert-approved uninstaller that you should have, the best all-around removal capability, thorough leftover cleaner, ease of use and lifetime plans at affordable pricing. The new UninstallService 2023 is enhanced with removal capability for nearly 10,000 new apps, including some of the following apps.


LibreOffice is a derivative version of the OpenOffice.org office suite, the same completely free open source system, but compared to OpenOffice to improve many features. LibreOffice has a powerful information import and export role, can immediately import PDF documents, Microsoft Works, LotusWord, suitable for The key OpenXML format. Mobile software itself is not limited to Debian and Ubuntu platform, for Windows, Mac, PRM package Linux and several other system software platforms.


OpenOffice was originally a commercial-grade Office software from Sun, but after Sun made the program code public, it was officially named OpenOffice Development Project, and is maintained by many people who are passionate about free software. OpenOffice is an integrated software, which contains many tools, and its functions are definitely not worse than Microsoft MS Office, not only can have Word-like word processing, create simple graphics, and powerful charting functions, but also can write web pages, and also can make the MS Office difficult to handle. MS Office can make difficult to deal with mathematical symbols and so on, supports the XML, Microsoft doc, Excel, ppt files and other formats.


BitWarden (password library software) is the real sense of “front and back open source”, not only the front-end development of software, application software, web site all open source, even the back-end with server and related encryption technology are also all open source, on the one hand, every line of code are open source, accept anyone’s supervision, once there is likely to be a problem will also be the first time to recover; on the other hand, you can also build a BitWarden server to complete the localization of data and information storage and services. If you are currently an UninstallService license holder, you can download the latest version on , and the activate it with your license code.


qBittorrent is a new lightweight BitTorrent mobile client that works on Linux, Windows and most likely other system software, it is easy to use, good looking and powerful. The main features stored in qBittorrent are a web interface, application of Ajax technology, automatic filters for the basic free downloading of UPnP/NAT-PMP port mapping, RS S fixed reading, DHT, ╬╝Torrent communication with the industry, Vuze compatible protocol data encryption, eMule or Peerguardian is compatible with IP overrides, long queues of rapids and preference orders. qBittorrent One of the overall strengths that distinguishes this from its competitors is its excellent comprehensive Baidu search engine, which presents a page similar to that of eMule, but in fact retrieves the most current web search on the situation.


Boot u disk maker (Rufus) is a useful self boot u disk maker. Customers can quickly make LINUX system software or WIN boot u disk according to this software, but here before you need to backup key material data to the computer in the middle, because after formatting anything can not find home. Rufus is a USB boot creation tool, a good and essential tool for making Windows system installation disks.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code, dedicated to giving all developers a completely free editor dedicated to coding itself, is marketed as an Editor, a full-featured Editor, based on the Editor projection of Microsoft’s SDK. It is a member of the Visual Studio family, but it does not intersect too much with the features of the traditional-style VS IDE. Intelligent Awareness, built-in tuning-specific tools, and integrated Git source code manipulation. Smart Awareness gives the ability to enable automatic jumping between program flows, and VS Code now creates an overview of the code, looks for all introductions, and eventually jumps automatically to the corresponding definition. VS Code’s architectural model is so good that you don’t have to change the application to enhance another language expression support (according to Microsoft, this feature will be exposed to the end product after the text documentation is finally clarified.) This means that at this stage this version only gives support for ASP.NET development and design, but this limitation will be removed in the latest version.


Brave Browser is a web browser with powerful ad blocking features, developed by Mozilla’s former CEO Eich, Brave Browser PC version is based on Chromium kernel, not only can block web ads, but also has tracking protection, HTTPS Everywhere and other features, and the private cloud provided can be replaced with anonymous ads The private cloud provided can replace the original ads on the website with anonymous ads, so you can say that all ads do not exist under this browser, and since all ads are blocked, it greatly provides the loading and browsing speed of web pages, and brings users a better web browsing experience. Apart from the performance of Brave Browser, it does not perform differently from other modern browsers in other aspects. Basically, Brave Browser is no different from other browsers, and many Chrome keyboard shortcuts can be used in Brave Browser. At the same time, Brave Browser has a very nice user interface that allows users to preview tabs by placing the mouse over them, and also allows users to drag and drop to reposition them on the search engine Omnibox, among many other features. The only thing worth noting is that many bookmark management, history, download folder and other features are not in the Beta version of Brave browser. In this regard, Brave’s spokesperson said that these features will be available in the version to be released in a few weeks. The Brace Vault feature can store users’ bookmarks, passwords, and anonymous browsing history, allowing users to conveniently synchronize data across devices. Unlike other browsers, users do not need to enter any user name or email address, but instead a Universal Unique Identifier (UUID), which uses a similar OR code to identify the user.

If you’re an UninstallService license holder, you can click the upgrade button to get the latest version, which you can also download from the official site https://uninstallservice.com, and then use your license code to activate.